Smart Battery Monitoring for Boats and Caravans


Smart Battery Monitoring for Boats and Caravans

Flat batteries remain one of the most common causes of call outs to marine rescue groups.

Club Marine Magazine Vol 36 No.5 Oct-Nov 2021

End Battery Failure Now

Fluid smart alerts eliminate guesswork, failures and waste of batteries in boats, caravans and any other asset.

Fluid App Dashboard

Complete Remote Dashboard

Fluid connects their users to the assets they depend on so. They are monitored at all times and can be checked from anywhere.

Fluid App Battery Monitoring Screen

Smart Battery Notifications

No more guesswork on battery voltage and health, smart alerts prevent failures and saves time, money and waste.

Fluid App GPS Location

GPS Geolocalisation Alerts

Boats, caravans and any other asset can be located instantly and alerts set when boundaries are crossed.

Fluid is very simple to use and takes minutes to install.
Designed to evolve with new sensor applications, it is starting with voltage monitoring and GPS position tracking.

More Core Features

Focused on user experience, simplicity and ease of use the Fluid design concept is evolutive and knows no borders.

Location Based

The Base Station has a built in GPS feature for easy localisation of assets and position based alerts thanks to a precise geofencing function.

Truly Global

BYO connectivity with built in WiFi brings true universal connectivity with any carrier, up to 5G and beyond.

Simply Powerful

Designed with the user’s needs in mind, easy to deploy, rules and alerts are simple to set and customise.

Future Proof
Future Proof

Over The Air software and features updates, new and upcoming sensor types can be addded wirelessely and effortlessely.